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    Residential Internet Service Packages
  • Starter $39.95/mo
    • 1.5 Mb/s download
    • 1Mb/s upload
    • Most affordable rate we offer
    • Email and basic internet usage
    • Individuals/Small Families
  • Preferred $54.95/mo
    • 4 Mb/s Download
    • 1 Mb/s Upload
    • DVD quality video streaming
    • Multiple device households
    • Most popular plan
  • Deluxe $69.95/mo
    • 7 Mb/s Download
    • 1 MB/s Upload
    • 720p Streaming
    • PC/Console Gaming
    • Stream Multiple Devices
  • Elite $99.95/mo
    • 11 Mb/s Download
    • 1 Mb/s Upload
    • 720-1080p Streaming
    • Power Users Package
    • Goes all the way up to 11!
  • All Packages include the following options:

    • Unlimited Useage - Enjoy all of your online media as much as you want. You will never be charged extra for streaming too many movies or other media.
    • No Contracts - We want you to stay with us because you are happy with the service we provide and we won't ask you to stay otherwise.

    Managed Wi-Fi Service

    With ProValue.Net's Managed Wi-Fi Service your home will always have the best Wi-Fi available. We will provide our most powerful Wi-Fi router and you can leave the installation, configuration, maintenance and support of your Wi-Fi to us. We'll even come replace it for you if it breaks, free of charge.
    Advanced Support with Managed Wi-Fi: Our team of wireless professionals will support both your Internet connection and home Wi-Fi. Don't hassle with advanced troubleshooting and configuration, let us take care of it.
    One-Time Setup Fee: $0 with Auto-Pay
    Monthly: $10

    Extended Service Plan

    Highly Recommended - For an additional $5.95/month we insure your equipment, from the client radio up to and including the PoE, against any damages provided damage was due to natural causes. This plan will cover incidents such as weather related events, re-alignments, etc. It does not cover human error or any network equipment inside the home such as your router. To view full plan details Click Here

    For more information regarding how our installation process works, Click Here

Standard Installation

$149.95 Install Fee

Our most common installation. If you have a clear view of one of our towers from your location, this will be the installation package for you. Before considering other installation options please give us a call or fill out our form to have a ProValue.Net wireless specialist perform a detailed path estimate and contact you at your conveniece.


  • Includes:
  • Client Radio - The Antenna, also called Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), that will be mounted to your roof
  • Universal Arm Bracket - The mounting fixture used to attach the antenna/CPE
  • Up to 100 Foot of Cable - Grounded, shielded, outdoor rated cable cut to length
  • Exterior Wall Installation - Installation of the cable through an exterior wall. Does not include attic installations

Installation Cost Estimator

Choose your plan, installation add-ons, and other options. Results are updated in real time below. Keep in mind this is only an estimate, please speak with a wireless specialist for a quote. *Sales tax on equipment sales not included in estimate

Select Options:

Installation Type:

Monthly Plan:

Select Add-On Items:

Wi-Fi Router:

Estimated Cost of Installation (Itemized)

Installation type Standard Installation: $149.95
Total Estimated Cost: Due at Installation $149.95
Regular Estimated Monthly Payment: Monthly $0.00

Add-On Items

Add-on items can be added to your installation, taxes apply to some items. Click the items for a short description. Customers who may need assistance with their home network's will want to look into our managed router solution.

  • Managed Wi-Fi $50.00 + $10/monthly

    This is our fastest and most powerful Wi-Fi option. With this add-on you will have the peace of mind that your home Wi-Fi will always work and if there is a problem we will fix it or replace it. It's advanced interface also allows us to provide you with the highest level of support for your wireless connections.

    Purchasing Options

    • $50 Set-up Fee plus $10.00 monthly
    • Set-up Fee waived entirely if purchased during installation and you sign up for auto-pay with either checking/bank account, credit/debit card, or combined billing with our partner CREC!
  • Attic Install (Interior Wall) $100.00

    Any installation that does not come through an exterior wall immediately into the domocile is considered an interior wall drop. Customers who have larger homes or who want their router more centrally located in the home should consider this option.

  • Additional Network Drop $75.00/hr + Materials

    For customers who would like additional ethernet drops, each additional drop is $75.00/hr.

  • Wireless Router $39.95 - $89.95

    Your wireless router is what gives your home Wi-Fi. Without it you cannot connect wireless devices such as phones and tablets to the internet. If you do not already have a router and need Wi-Fi at your location then you will need a wireless router. We have several Wi-Fi routers available, one of our wireless specialists or installation technicians can assist you in selecting a router. If you aren't sure what may fit your needs be sure and ask about our managed Wi-Fi option.

  • Wi-Fi Range Extender $99.95

    A Wi-Fi range extender will extend the range of your wireless network. Larger or oddly shaped homes may want to look into this option, especially if you have multiple floors at your location. These can be pre-programmed for you upon puchase for plug-n-play performance when you get home.

  • Power Surge Protector $19.95

    It is highly recommended that ProValue.Net equipment along with your router and any other internet devices be behind some type of power surge protection. To be eligible for our extended service plan a power surge protector is required.

  • Ethernet Surge Protector $34.95

    An ethernet surge protector can be purchased for added protection against lighning and other electrical events.

Non-Standard Installations

Non-standard installations are less typical. Customers that have already spoken with one of our wireless specialists and have been informed they will need additional height will want to examine these options. Most of the installations we do, however, are standard installs. Unless you have a high amount of trees or other obstructions you probably don't need to consider these options.

  • 10 ft. Mast Install: $ 209.95
    • Includes:
    • Client Radio
    • 3 Foot Tripod
    • 10 Foot Mast
    • Up to 100 Foot of Cable
    • Exterior Wall Drop
  • 20 ft. Mast: $ 274.95
    • Includes:
    • Client Radio
    • 20 Foot Mast
    • 4 Inch Stand-Off Brackets x2
    • Up to 100 Foot of Cable
    • Exterior Wall Drop
  • 20 ft. w/Guy-Wires: $ 314.95
    • Includes:
    • Client Radio
    • 3 Foot Tripod
    • 20 Foot Mast
    • Guy-wires and Anchors
    • Up to 100 Foot of Cable
    • Exterior Wall Drop
  • 30 ft. Side Mount: $ 329.95
    • Includes:
    • Client Radio
    • 30 Foot Mast
    • 4 Inch Stand-Off Brackets x2
    • Up to 100 Foot of Cable
    • Exterior Wall Drop